Best Chemistry Book for NEET 2020 ? Which book to Buy

When you say Best Chemistry Book for NEET, It itself means that the book should be of standard quality that will help you to crack exams like NEET/AIIMS.

In terms of difficulties Chemistry is a moderate subject thats why its important to score well in chemistry subject.

To score well in NEET chemistry you must tackle it in 3 different ways because Chemistry is divided in 3 parts ( For NEET/AIIMS )

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry

In this article we will bring out best chemistry objective book for NEET that will surely help you to excel.

Before writing this article we researched about each and every Chemistry book for NEET available on,  So that you won’t have to worry about is quality. 

We will make sure that each and every book listed here is best for your preparation.

Best Books for Physical Chemistry for NEET

Physical Chemistry subject needs more MCQ’s solving. So your best physical chemistry book for neet should have lots of questions for practice. A quick overview of formulas must be their so that you can give it a quick look.

Here are the best book of physical chemistry that fulfill most of your needs and will help you in NEET/AIIMS preparations.


  • 400+ Questions in every chapter.
  • Short explanation of every chapters befor MCQ’s
  • Beginner + Advanced level questions
  • In our research its best chemistry mcq book for NEET.


  • MCQ’s are clubbed at one place. No topicwise distribution of questions.
  • No distribution of Easy and advance level questions. All of them are at one place. Apart from this, its a good book


mtg neet chemistry book

  • Complete guide book with chapter wose and topic wise questions.
  • Previous Year questions are seperate
  • Best thing is they are NCERT based. No irrelevant questions.
  • 200+ MCQ for every chapter with topicwise distribution.


  • Advance level questions are lesser in number. But its great for NEET students. Thats why we call it best objective chemistry book for NEET & AIIMS.


32 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions - Chemistry 2019

There’s a simple logic. If you want to excel in NEET. You must solve previous year questions. It could be considered as another best book for chemistry for neet 2019-2020

  • Chapterwise Previous Year Questions.
  • It has topicwise Distribution of Questions as well.



Best Book For Organic Chemistry for NEET

Organic Chemistry is mostly based on cramming. You have to read your Organic Notes regularly to excel in this part. In our research we tried to find best Organic chemistry objective book for NEET. We will now show our list with merit and demerits of the respective book.

Wiley's Solomons, Fryhle, Synder Organic Chemistry for NEET and other Medical Entrance Examinations ( MS CHAUHAN )

  • MS chauhan for Organic Chemistry is the most purchased book on amazon under topic organic chemistry.
  • Chapterwise detailed theories, mechanisms and examples.
  • Quality set of Organic Questions. Its great for both NEET & AIIMS.
  • No doubt it is best reference book for organic chemistry neet.


GRB Organic Chemistry

  • Best for MCQ practice. One of the best book for practicing organic chemistry for neet.
  • Chapterwise breakup of questions. With some theory.
  • 400+ Questions for every chapter. Has previous year questions as well.


  • Theory part is incomplete / irrelevant. It doesn’t cover every topic. Students use it in combination with MS Chauhan Organic.


Best book for Inorganic Chemistry for NEET

We don’t want to confuse you but frankly NCERT is the best book for Inorganic Chemistry. You can purchase books for MCQ’s but we suggest you to focus on NCERT only.

We will still try to suggest you best inorganic chemistry book for NEET and AIIMS that will help you along with NCERT.

Problems in Inorganic Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS (2019-2020 Session)

  • Covers every corner of NCERT.
  • Best Seller among Inorganic section on Amazon.
  • Has previous year questions of NEET / AIIMS & other competitions
  • Simple and effective language used.


GRB inorganic Chemistry

  • 400+ MCQ’s in Every chapter.
  • Has previous year questions from NEET / AIIMS and other exams.
  • Good practice book


  • Topics are not well explained and many topics are out of NCERT.



This review is based on students & our team. There are various books for NEET preparations but we mentioned the most relevant book.

If you have any other suggestions we welcome you in our comment box below. :))



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