NEET data Leak and being sold for 10 thousand rupees

As the date of the end of the MBBS counseling process is coming closer, education brokers are becoming active. NEET rankings, marks and mobile numbers of students are being sold openly for four to ten thousand rupees. In its investigation, ‘Hindustan’ has discovered 15 such websites. It is known that at this time the mop-up round of counseling of MBBS is going on. The entire process of the council is to be completed by 31 August. .

With the last date of mbbs counseling coming closer, students have started getting calls from brokers for admission in private medical colleges and for admission in medical colleges of other countries. Brokers have all the information, including the student’s name, number, rank, board, parent’s name, mobile number, address and email ID, which they give when applying NEET.

Activist Vivek Pandey, who has been monitoring the malfunctions in NEET, said that till now we have found 15 such websites, which are currently selling NEET data of students. Apart from NEET, the data of 12th and 10th students are also being sold indiscriminately. This confidential data of the students is being sold to the brokers for only four thousand rupees to 10 thousand rupees.

  • Shards bursting at each other

In response to the question of NEET data leaking, officials of the Union Ministry of Health say that the data at the center level is completely safe. Data is not leaked from here. Probably this data may have been leaked from the Directorate of Medical Education (DME) of the state. At the same time, the DME officials describe the system as sharp. He said that the data does not leak from him. Coaching institutes may have collected this data and sold it.

– Data of 12th and tenth students are also sold.
– Rank, number etc. are being sold on 15 websites.
– Revealed in 2018, Facebook sold 8.7 million user data between 2012-14

– E-commerce is taking advantage
On the basis of information gathered from social media data, e-commerce companies earned $ 670,000 million in the year 2017. These companies advertise to them based on the user’s interest.

– European Union fined Facebook $ 5 trillion in case of tampering with private data ‘- Twitter, Google also accused of theft of personal data

  • These eight ways can help you ; 

1. Change the password regularly.
2. Do not open email attachments of accounts of unknown people.
3. Do not share your password with unknown people.
4. Avoid using Google or Facebook to visit another site.
5. Log out of the account instead of closing the browser.
6. Keep updating apps on smartphones and computers.
7. Don’t forget to install antimalware with anti-virus.
8. Avoid using public WiFi connection.

  • That’s why protecting your data is important

There was a time when the global superpowers wanted to capture people of their own and other countries to maintain their supremacy. The era changed and we entered the world of Internet. Today, to influence the masses, they do not need to be enslaved, rather it is enough to know their digital profile. Your data is not only useful for the market, but the governments of many countries are also trying to make a dent in it.

There is a market of billions :

– Every website saves some data of its user
– Many companies make profits by selling this data to data study companies.
– Through this data, the personal interest of the people is ascertained.
– What brand do you like, what do you like to eat, where do you want to hang out
– What does your social and political thinking say
– It earns by selling data to companies and political parties



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